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This website offers a variety of snack-sized stories. Tasty little lies — appetizers, that will enhance your larger novel cravings. New stories may pop-up at any time, but generally, they will be posted on a Wednesday, Thursday, or a Friday — Most people are happier when the weekend is in sight, and so are readers;)

This week in the series; ‘Adventures of Catbaby’ we have Episode 8—’Yellow Man’




Shivering in the police officer’s arms, the abandoned child cried.

The orphaned boy grew up bouncing around foster care. At eight, he landed in a pedophile’s lair. It was six years before he had the will and strength to escape the anguish of his abuser’s arms.

Burning through twelve states in eleven years, he stopped running: found a job, a wife, and began to try. When the economy went bust, he lost his job, his home, his cheating wife, and his sanity.

A half-frozen homeless man is shaken awake. Standing up, he felt arms and a blanket wrap around his shoulders.

Shivering in the police officer’s arms, the abandoned man cried.



It’s not like I’m obsessed. I just like watching her. I look at her a lot…but that’s not a crime. It’s not hurting anyone—it’s not like I’m a weirdo; I work; I pay taxes. I buy Girl Scout cookies.

Other than her, I watch people, and honestly, I prefer standing by myself, observing, and listening in on other people’s conversations. They’re so creepy and dishonest. Only saying the things they think the other person wants to hear. They’re fakers.

But I’m sincere and extremely excited as I take a peek. I know, she knows, I’m watching. She flaunts her wet, naked body—she looks straight at me.

If only my goldfish could talk, she’d be perfect.

That’s assuming she’s a female.

Teddy Bear


The teddy bear, like Switzerland, refused to take sides, it’s shoe-button eyes stared straight ahead with complete neutrality.

“It’s mine!” the boy wailed in vain.

“Noooo…let go! the girl screamed.

The 3-year-old twins were in a heated tug-a-war. The stuffed bear had become the single-minded object of their affection. At three, the little boy didn’t have the natural physical advantage that he would eventually develop. So for now, his sister, with pure tenacity, was kicking the crap out of him and winning the battle for the prize.

The boy gamely hung on to one fuzzy arm, as the girl, pulled him in twisting and flopping like a thirty-pound tuna. In desperation, the boy launched himself forward, sending everyone tumbling across the floor and into the base of the sofa with a thump.

From the kitchen, an ignored voice of authority called out, “Play nice!—You kids stop fighting or you’ll both be in timeout.”

The struggle continued unabated with the toddlers wrestling for control on the floor. Suddenly the boy let out a shriek and started screaming, “Sissy bit me!”
Mom rushed in and stood over the twins. The boy was laying on the floor with tears rolling down his cheeks.

His sister was sitting beside him, tightly clutching the teddy bear and looking up with her big brown eyes starting to water up, and said “I didn’t.”

Picking up her son, she rocked him and kissed the rising red welt on his shoulder trying to make it all better. Mom then narrowed her eyes at the little girl, and scolded, “We don’t bite.”

With a differing opinion, and blood glistening on its fangs, the spider thought ‘But we do.’ and scurried back to its babies under the sofa.

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